Sepah Provisions

Sepah Provisions Card is an electronic Credit Card which serves as a safe substitute for cash.

Sepah Consumers’ Cooperative Company is offering Provisions Cards to Offices, Organizations, Companies and individuals that intend to allocate funds for non-cash purchases of their employees. You will enjoy a discount by ordering Provisions Cards in addition to diverse discounts being offered at our Department Stores and Supermarket chain stores presently.


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Sepah Provisions

Sepah Provisions

In addition to electronic Provisions Cards we also offer Provisions Paper Cards which make it possible for buyers to purchase various items of goods from Sepah Sales Outlets more easily. Both types of these cards are now ready for submission to Organizations, Offices and Companies for the buying requirements of their staffs and employees. By buying these Cards, which have different Rial figures for their buying power, you will also enjoy the respective advantages and discounts.